Monday, May 20, 2013

Be uncorrupted. Be the odd one out. ~Change begins at home

There can be many forms of corruption. It starts small and grows into a big, invincible monster. Even the smallest of corruptions have momentous repercussions.

Examples of corruption that we commit day in and day out;

1) Committing to things that we have no plan of doing.
2) Lying (which by the way is gunah-e-kabeera)
3) Giving bribe to license officer so you pass the test without actually giving it
4) Accepting bribery
5) Sitting idly at work. Doing nothing.
6) Spending more time at work so that you get overtime.
7) Ignoring the red light of traffic signal. 

How to be the odd one out?

Promise yourself that you will not stoop as low as to give someone bribe.

Promise yourself that if you have nothing to do in office, you'll research and read up on something that will be beneficial for yourself, your employers and in turn your country.

Promise yourself that you will not use any of the facilities provided by your employers when you don't really need it.

If we, ourselves, are not honorable in the small matters of our day to day activities, then we loose any right to label the government as CORRUPTED.


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