Monday, September 24, 2012

There is still some hope left......

While there were people who chose to display their anger through acts of violence. Who took advantage of a day off to show how really stupid they can be. Going on with setting fire to cars, cinema halls etc.; in the end putting a dent in their own economy. There were also some people who took the responsibility of cleaning up after their fellow country men. However ashamed they might have been of being called brothers or fellows to these people who do not even deserve to be called human beings, they still considered it their duty to try and abate the damage incurred by sheer stupidity.

Just the other day, while discussing the state of affairs with a colleague, the air was one of deep despair, the feeling  was the one where you know that nothing can be done to improve conditions, the one where you lose all hope and decide to leave things as they are.

Watching the news of young people going about in clans picking up litter and making an attempt to clean up the mess left by others, the first thought to come to mind was;
there are still good people, there is still some hope....

The problem we suffer from is that we lose hope just too easily. We do not bother to move and do something to change the situation to our own liking, instead we just sit and play the blame game. At least there were some people, who instead of writing useless articles and venting out all anger in the form of words, like I did, decided to do something about it. This act may somewhere make a better impression of Pakistanis and Muslims. Their act may win hearts or may embarrass a few who may think twice the next time they plan to participate in riots.

At least, these people are the ones who can proudly say;
"We did something!"

Their act may have done little good after the boundless destruction, but the effect can be massive, if we just allow it to be.

Hats off to all the people who were involved in this act which can never be small. :)

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