Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Pakistan

Today, is my country's, my homeland's, my Pakistan's Birthday. The journey that started from 14th August, 1947, today completes 64 years. 
And so today I will list down few of the many thing I love about Pakistan. These will not be statistics, you can easily google for them. These are the simple facts that I love about this country and I will like to share them here.

I could list down a thousand things wrong with this country, but then again, I, being me, could list down a million things wrong with just about anything I encounter. That is how I am, that is exactly how each of us is; because, finding faults is so much easier.

But if you just think about it, listing down all the good things about Pakistan is just as easy. :)
So here I go:

1) The Purpose, The Religion: Islam was the purpose behind the struggle for this country. Our ancestors realized that Muslims needed a free country to practice their religion. This is exactly why the religion of this country is Islam. It is difficult for me to imagine living at a place where I can be ridiculed for the principles I follow, or judged because of the religion I follow.

2) The Name: Pakistan. Meaning "the land of pure". Such a beautiful name for an equally beautiful place. I love hearing the name. I love saying it. And I proudly say "I am Pakistani". :D

3) The Flag: Combination of green and white with moon and star. Sabz hilaali parcham. The shade of green that I love more than other shades of the same color. White, the color I love the most. 
The flag depicting that this country is for both the majority, i.e. the Muslims, and the minority, the non-Muslims.

4) The History: We have a glorious past. With a founder like Quaid-e-Azam, nothing short than courageous, daring and intelligent should be expected from us. Our history is replete with examples where Pakistanis shed blood for their country without so much as blinking.

5) The People: Us Pakistanis. We are a friendly lot. We know we can rely on each other. Each of us is ready to help out others. This quality may sometimes be misjudged as interference, but in reality it is far from it. The fact of the matter is that we are driven with the passion to lend a helping hand to all who may need it. One may go to any Pakistani and get the services psychiatrists  offer free of charge. :D We are passionate about our country and more about our religion.

Although, you will find a lot of people talking negatively about Pakistan, but most of them will not allow a single word meant as an insult to Pakistan.

We may not seem very enthusiastic about our Pakistan, but we proudly adorn our houses and cars with our flags, and our chests with badges (of flag).

6) The National Anthem: Oh I just love it. Too good. Our national anthem together with our flag stirs a deep passion. 
I have only once been to The Wagah Border in Lahore. And there I saw evidence of what our flag and the National Anthem playing in the background can do to us passionate lot. People forgetting where they are started shouting "Pakistan Zindabad", it seemed like we all were having the time of our lives, and we really were. Even today, when my sister and I plan to visit Lahore again, we always say "We'll go to the border again, it was so nice being there na" :) :)

7) The National Songs: Although I am mostly into foreign music, and listen to national songs only during August. But only in this month even, I manage to fall in love with the songs over and over again, every year.

To list down a few of my favorites:

Yeh watan tumhara hai by Mehdi Hassan
Khayal Rakhna by Aalamgir
Dil dil Pakistan by Vital Signs (My eldest niece happens to love this song immensely and made me sing it loudly with her, four to five times, in  a single sitting, last year and this one. Let's see if we continue the tradition the next year.)

8) The cuisine: I love food! I just do. That may not be something I should be proud of, but for some weird reason I am and I'll say it again, I love food!

And it's Pakistani cuisine that I love the most. For others it may be too spicy or too oily, but for me it's love at first bite! 
Biryani.. Yum!
Haleem.. Yum Yum!
Nihari, Behari Kaba, Tikka, mmmmmm!
Daal Chawal..

Ohh my mouth's watering so I'll just add more more thing..

I simply love the food thailas we have here. On every other street you'll find a bun-kabab wala or a chaat wala, or pakoras etc.

Of these I love the bun-kabab and gola gandas the most.

:D :D

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