Saturday, May 14, 2011

Writer's break

I took a break from writing, claiming to the world that I won't write any more. Maybe, somewhere deep inside I wanted people to try and convince me to come back to the world of writing again. Maybe, I wanted to hear some really good words about myself, umm, actually my writing.
But guess what?! I didn't.. for OBVIOUS reasons..
During this break, I was wondering if I am actually fit to write. That what I write, can, in reality, be called writing.

And also I planned to improve my writing, work on it a bit. But while I call this practice, 'working' on my writing, what I actually planned to do, was read a LOT and polish my English vocabulary. Both the things I haven't been able to do. Or to be more correct, didn't even try to do.
Reading is something I enjoy, so that doesn't count. But I didn't try to read more than I normally do.
And learning English words.. well, that I didn't even try. 
But yesterday, I, after a long time, sat down to write, and realized that I am at the same spot I was these few months ago.

So it all comes down to this:
That I write, because I like to write, no matter, if no one reads what I write, and no matter if people who do accidentally or are 'made' to read don't like it.
That to improve my writing skills, taking a break from it won't help. What would help is to both read and write more.
That writing gives me a outlet to vent all my feelings.. happy or sad.. to share what I feel strongly about.. again, doesn't matter if no one reads it or if they do, they don't agree with it.

So from now on, I'll try to write more.. more.. and yes, read more as well...

I am suffering from a memory leak. Just a minute ago, I had to think hard for two minutes before I could remember the word 'outlet'.

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